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How to Write Your Sales Page in One Day

How to Write Your Sales Page in One Day

Your launch is looming and the dreaded task of writing your sales page is still left unchecked in your Asana to-do list.

Instead of pushing back the due date for the 12th time, let’s tackle it together!

The #1 mistake I see people make when trying to write a sales page is opening a blank Google doc without any clue of what to write or how to structure their sales page.

^^^ Don’t let this be you 2 days before your cart opens! ^^^

Here’s the secret — the success is in the work you do before you actually sit down to write your sales page.

If you’re on a time crunch and need a killer sales page, follow these steps to whip up your best sales page in one day flat.

How to write a sales page in one day:

Step One: Gather testimonials and social proof

If you’ve launched this offer before, I want you to go hunt down all of their testimonials and social proof and drop it into a Google Drive folder so that we have it handy when it’s time to start writing.

If this is a brand new offer, find any testimonials or social proof that speak to your teaching style, the specific topic you’re teaching in the new program and results you’ve helped clients achieve.

Don’t have any testimonials yet?
Read this post to learn how to get powerful testimonials by asking one simple question.

Step Two: Brain dump your offer details

If you start by asking the right questions, your sales page can practically write itself.

Here are some of my favorite questions to ask:

✨ What are the main pain points of my ideal customer?
✨ What are the core desired results my ideal customer wants to see?
✨ What is my offer’s name?
✨ What is the price of my offer?
✨ Will I offer a payment plan?
✨ What is my offer’s guarantee?
✨ What’s included in my offer?
✨ What are the bonuses?

Want the full list of questions?
Grab Sales Page in a Day to grab all of the prompts.

Step Three: Outline your headlines and sub-headlines

Now it’s time to start structuring your sales page. But instead of getting totally overwhelmed with needing to know everything you want to say, we’re just going to start with the headlines.

Here are a few tips for writing your headlines:

✨ Your headlines and sub-headlines should be able to tell a story all on their own, even if your sales page visitor doesn’t read any of the body copy.

✨ Stay away from vague headlines like “Imagine if…” and “Do any of these sound like you?”

✨ Don’t worry about nailing the headlines on the first try. Get your basic thought down and then zhoosh it up at the end.

Need help coming up with headlines?
Grab Sales Page in a Day to get access to my Instant Headline Generator.

Step Four: Bullet out your body copy

Once you’ve outlined your headlines, go back and add bullet points to each section to get an idea of the copy points you want to include.

List out all of the points you could include in each section.

Again, this is not the time to think in full sentences. Just get everything down on your paper and we’ll go back and edit.

If you have testimonials for this offer already, I recommend using the words and phrases your customers are using in their testimonials right on your sales page. That way you can ensure that your copy connects with your ideal customers.

Step Five: Go back and fill it all in!

Once your headlines are brainstormed and your body copy is bulleted, it’s time to go back and cull your copy.

As you work from top to bottom, you want to make sure your sales page tells a clear story and doesn’t jump around too much.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there.

Resources to help you create a sales page:

Sales Page in a Day

Want the step-by-step template plus tons of other bonuses to help you write your sales page in one day?

Grab the Sales Page in a Day kit for only $37

Launch in Style Templates

Once you’re done with your sales page copy, it’s time to build it out on your website platform. If you’re a WordPress or Kajabi user, you can use our pre-designed sales page templates we offer in the shop.

Click here to shop the templates

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